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3 things to build your confidence as a UX/UI designer

  1. Chat to other designer
  2. Avoid comparing
  3. Marginal gains to daily design process

3 ways to get better feedback as a UI/UX designer

  1. ask people personally for feedback
  2. Ask the right person, designer = visual, marketing = copy
  3. Encorage blunt and honest feedback

3 books to improve your UX/UI workflow

  1. Just enough research: synthesize data
  2. Microcopy: how to write copy
  3. Hooked: user engagement

3 ways to stay focused as a UX/UI designer

  1. Plan your week
  2. Pomondoro technique
  3. Take breaks

3 UI/UX ted talks to watch

  1. Don norman: how design make people happy
  2. Jeo gebbia: airbnb design community
  3. Rochelle Kings: spotify use data in design

3 UX/UI job boards to bookmark


3 UI/UX design systems to gain inspirations from

  1. Polaris by shopify is really well structured
  2. Patterns by Mailchimp design system is light weight
  3. Google material design is best with documentation

3 Questions every UI/UX designer should ask

  1. Why are we designing this, business problem and user goals
  2. Who we are designing this for, painpoints and user segments
  3. How we track success, before and after the design is live

3 blogs every UX/UI designer should be reading

  1. method in madness by dovtail
  2. insight itercom

3 steps to overcome the impostor syndrome

  1. Break the silence. Talk to others.
  2. Perfection doesnt exists
  3. Reward your self and take time to appretirate your self.

3 tools every UX/UI designer should be using

  1. Notion
  2. Figma
  3. Miro

3 3d website that will inspire every UX/UI designer

  3. 3d elements for Figma.

3 Netflix show every UX/UI designer should watch

  1. The social dilemma
  2. Abstract
  3. Steve jobs

3 chrome extensions for every UX/UI designer

  1. Font ninja lets you inspect and bookmark fonts
  2. Go full page takes full page screenshots
  3. Loom lets your record videos directly

6 illustration libraries for UX/UI designer

  1. Absurd.Design
  2. Blush.Design
  3. Ouch! -

3 typography tools for UX/UI designers

  1. generates font pairings with a contrast slider
  2. lets you experiment with font pairings
  3. Font base is a free font manager

3 Color tools for UX/UI designers

  1. generates colors based on keywords
  2. Coolhue is a gradient plugin for Figma & Sketch
  3. Eva ( uses AI to generate feedback colors

3 UX testing tools for UX/UI designer


3 3D libraries for UX/UI designers

  1. is a massive library of 3D shapes
  2. has a great mix of 3D characters and objects
  3. Toy Faces (

3 Prototyping tools for UX/UI designer

  1. Figma lets you effortlessly create prototypes
  2. Framer has an extensive library
  3. Protopie helps you create prototypes

3 sites to gain inspiration as UX/UI designer

  1. is a hand picked collection
  2. is a great place for landing page
  3. dribble is perfect for conceptual thinking

3 Productivity tools for UX/UI designer

  1. Notion
  2. Tamato 2
  3. Calendly